Pioneers of Project Management: Deming vs Juran vs Crosby     www. By Avantika Monnappa Last updated on Sep 27, 2019 151347 If you’ve been preparing for a  Project Management  exam, chances are the vast majority of what you have studied is directly or indirectly derived from the work of these three Project Management thinkers and theorists: W. Edwards. Deming Joseph M. Juran Philip B. Crosby This article presents an overview of their contributions to the field of Project Management. W. Edwards Deming Who Was He? Born in 1900,  W. Edwards Deming  was an American engineer, professor, statistician, lecturer, author, and management consultant. What Was His Philosophy? Deming opined that by embracing certain principles of the management, organizations can improve the quality of the product and concurrently reduce costs. Reduction of costs would include the reduction of waste production, reducing staff attrition and litigation while simultaneousl